This Bike the Byways website development project will result in a web-based travel & recreation planning tool that provides easy access to information about bicycle rides, bike routes and mountain biking opportunities in the Adirondack North Country region.  It will offer printable map information as well as linkages to a variety of local bicycling information and to local travel & tourism information.  For more details about the project, see Project Overview.

This is a New York State Scenic Byways Program project managed by the Adirondack North Country Association, funded by the Federal Highway Administration and administered by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The Adirondack North Country Association is a non-profit private corporation that strengthens the economy and quality of life in the 15 counties of northern New York through informed, open debate and advocacy on economic issues critical to the region and through regionwide action on projects in agriculture, business and community development, forestry, human services, the arts and tourism.  Sharon O’Brien is the ANCA Scenic Byways Program Coordinator.  Find more information on their website – http://www.adirondack.org/

Holmes & Associates – the project consultant – is an Adirondack Park-based research firm with over 20 years of experience in research & analysis, website development and project management – more information at http://adirondackresearch.com/


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