Ride Form Content Explained

Here is a brief explanation of each of the items requested on the form for suggesting routes and rides in your area.  The items are displayed below and there is a link to the PDF version.  If any questions contact Tim Holmes – adkresearch@gmail.com or 518-302-1891.

Ride Form Content Explained (as a PDF)

Route or Trail Name Use common name or descriptive words that indicate its general location
Ride Category Road or Mountain?
Distance Ride Distance in Miles
Estimated Ride Time Duration in hours
Suggested Ability Level (1-5, 1=easy) Rate using a 1-5 scale. 1 being easy (pancake flat), 5 being extremely challenging (climbs that make you want to cry for your mother)
Elevation & Surface Quality Document challenging climbs/descents. Also indicate ride surface quality: ie crushed gravel, muddy singletrack, new asphalt, etc.  Elevation change (if known)
On-Route Support Convenient places to stop and grab a Gatorade? Is the ride in an urban setting or in a remote forest preserve? Proximity to public restrooms or bicycle repair shops?
Environmental Factors Indicate environmental factors which can impact the ride, such as strong winds, potential flooded/damp areas, eroded areas, etc
Suitable for Children Note anything which may be of interest, or potential detriment to groups with young children or adolescents. For example: playgrounds along the route, dangerous stream crossings, etc.
Nearby Communities List communities on or near the route
Trailhead Location Offer helpful directions/landmarks to help find the trailhead
Trailhead GPS Latitude, Longitude. Google Maps is an easy way to include Trailhead GPS coordinates: right click on the point and select “What’s here?”
End Point GPS Latitude, Longitude.  End point or destination on an out & back ride.
Ride Description and Highlights Describe the route and end by “closing the sale.” What is the best thing about this ride? Is there a great view, waterfall, other environmental feature, historic landmark, chance to see wildlife or a great beach along the way. What sets this ride apart?
Nearby Attractions, Other Recreational  Opportunities Beyond the ride description, what else can you see or do in the vicinity of the ride. Great spot to add the “don’t forget to stop and visit…” or “must-see” items. Can range from cool museums to nearby scenic vistas, boat rides, or farmer’s markets. Be creative!
Hard Copy References Guidebooks or maps which might be helpful?
Links to Online Resources Toss in any worthwhile links to websites of interest that feature the ride and describe the area it passes through.
Photos Available Aware of any photos of this route which are available? From whom?
Suggested By Who is suggesting the ride and who else might have more info on it?
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