Blank Bike Route and Ride Suggestion Form

Use this the Word Document linked below to suggest a great bikMtn Bikee route or mountain bike ride in your area.  Save a copy so you have a blank for additional rides.  Enter as much as you like or as much as you can, not all cells are required.  Forward on to others that might have more info.  When ready to submit, attach it to an email to: Copies of this form, a completed example, and an explanation of each item are linked to the right under Suggest a Route or Ride. There is also a Survey Monkey version of the form at Online Bike Ride Worksheet.

Blank Bike Ride Suggestion Worksheet (Word Doc)

Below is displayed the content of the worksheet.

Route or Trail Name
Ride Category
Estimated Ride Time
Suggested Ability Level (1-5, 1=easy)
Elevation & Surface Quality
On-Route Support
Environmental Factors
Suitable for Children
Nearby Communities
Trailhead Location
Trailhead GPS
End Point GPS
Ride Description and Highlights
Nearby Attractions, Other Recreational  Opportunities
Hard Copy References
Links to Online Resources
Photos Available
Suggested By
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