Project Overview

Adirondack North Country Byways:
Adirondack Byway Bicycle Mapping Project

March 2010 – May 2011

Project Purpose

This project will position the Adirondack North Country Scenic Byways as a premier bicycling destination for Byway travelers by featuring popular bicycling touring routes and mountain biking trailheads easily accessed via the 14 interconnected Byways of northern New York.  The project will offer internet-based recreational planning for visitors, enabling access to promotional web information about touring and mountain bicycling, with printable map information and linkages to a variety of local bicycling information as well as to local travel and tourism information.

Mtn Bike family ride by waterfallProject Goals & Objectives

There are a number of project goals and objectives, outlined as follows:

  • Launch comprehensive outreach in the Adirondack North Country region to improve the climate for bicycling by establishing partnerships with bicycle groups, chambers, businesses and NYS DOT Regional Byway Coordinators.
  • Develop a website of online bicycle touring and mountain biking information related to the 14 Scenic Byways in 15 counties in an easily accessible format that can be downloaded in a printable format for specific routes by travelers from remote locations, and that includes the following:
    • An online atlas of at least 70 touring routes, or approximately 4 to 5 per county, including GIS data for the preferred routes that follow, depart from, and return to the Scenic Byways.
    • Research and prepare key ride information for bicycling touring routes and present that information in the online atlas, including trail/route descriptions, length, terminus, connecting trails or loop links, seasonal uses, type, difficulty, signage availability, route/trails configuration, latitude/longitude (GPS) and other references.
    • Research and prepare GIS information on the location of at least 70 mountain biking trailheads that can be accessed from the Scenic Byways.  Include information that will enhance linkages between road touring and mountain biking.
    • Develop lists of Chambers of Commerce, attractions, bike shops, available bike rentals, as wells as recreational, historical, cultural and natural resources, and incorporate those into the website.  Establish linkages to community Chamber and tourism information web-pages.  Prepare linkages to ANCA’s Byway web page and other Byway management entities.
    • Develop and conduct a promotional campaign directing travelers to the website.

Touring through the ANCA Adirondack regionFeatures Expected to be Included in the Website

  1. Brief description of each bicycle route (5 per county), including departure & return to a scenic byway, configuration, terrain, view, experience – what to expect.
  2. Brief description of each mountain bike trail (5 per county), similar to the routes
  3. Route terminus locations/communities (lat/long)
  4. Trailhead locations (lat/long)
  5. Signage availability
  6. Difficulty, appropriateness for families with young riders
  7. Distance or length
  8. Approximate travel time
  9. Terrain changes, possibly terrain profiles
  10. Scenic views available from the ride
  11. Seasonality
  12. Closest community(s)
  13. Nearby bike shops and bike rentals
  14. Nearby Chamber offices, visitors centers
  15. A listing of annual bicycle-related events in the region, near the Byways
  16. Suggest guidebooks, maps, and other available reference materials for the ride
  17. Suggest other activities or annual events in the vicinity (3 per community)
  18. Suggest points of interest in the vicinity (3 per community)
  19. Suggest other bike routes and mountain bike trails in the vicinity

This is a New York State Scenic Byways Program project managed by the Adirondack North Country Association, funded by the Federal Highway Administration and administered by the New York State Department of Transportation.  The project consultant is Holmes & Associates.

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